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Solar Panels

Sick of high energy bills? Switching to Solar just became easy

  1. Choose one of our pre-made packages
  2. Book an installation date (Start to finish of project = 2 months)
  3. Kiss high energy bills goodbye
Custom Package designed for your energy needs!

Battery and Generator Backups

Never be caught off guard, choose the right battery and generator.
Store energy collected by your panels and use it when they aren’t producing (a cloudy day, at night, or when the grid goes down).

Generac | Tesla | LG Chem

Service Panel Upgrades

Out with the old and in with the new. Service Panel upgrades are needed anytime you run out of circuit breakers in your load center, need more power for things like a hot tub or sauna, switching from fuses to breakers, and so much more.



Call us today and learn how solar is an option for you.

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