Our core values are to produce a high quality installation while providing a positive customer experience every time.

EXPERTS IN THE FIELD – With more than 50+ combined years in the industry, across multiple continents, our team knows what they are doing. Our salespeople all the way through our design and project management team are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our customers are educated, informed, and excited about their decision to go solar.

ONLY THE BEST – Take the guesswork out of which panel is best for you. A solar project with Elevated Solar & Electric means you are getting the best product and technology available.

FAIR PRICING – Our number-one priority is to ensure that you have the right balance between energy production and consumption while reaping the most incentives available. All in all, that means you’ll be getting the best pricing out there.

QUICK WORK – You don’t need anything else in the way of taking your energy into your own hands, so time is of the essence. While most installers are quoting five to six months, Elevated Solar & Electric strives to have your system up within three to four months, meaning more money back to you faster.

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We only install the best-in-the-market solar panel equipment with outstanding workmanship warranties, along side our best-in-class customer service.

We know your time is valuable; we are happy to answer any questions you have about solar installation and energy storage. Check our current schedule, and sign up for a free appointment today!

50 workers 200 MW in Operation and Maintenance Spain, Portugal and Mexico
+200 installations executed.
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